Worship Service

  • 04 February 2018
    8.00 am
    Malayalam (Harvest Festival)

  • 11 February 2018 (Great Lent begins)
    8.00 am
    9.30 am

  • 18 February 2018
    9.00 am

  • 25 February 2018
    9.00 am


The cross of Christ is one of the central symbols of Christianity. It is a continous invitation to thought. Cross must be seen as one of the central revelatory events in the history of salvation. As Moltmann shows in the crucified God - “the crucifixion is the event which reveals the Triune God”. Cross shatters our pre-conceived image of God. On the cross we encounter not a God of majesty and power but one who surprises by his weakness and scandalizes us by his helplessness. We come into contact with a God who is neither aloof but one who is deeply moved by the pain and distress of the humanity.

1) God is not a stranger to the world of pain and suffering

The God who saw His Son undergo the agony of the cross cannot be indifferent to the sufferings of mankind. Often we tend to think of God as the Great Absent One when we are tried in the crucible of suffering. We tend to associate God with blessings and happiness. Mystery of the cross reveals to us is that where we think God is absent He is most alive and active. Pain and suffering do not remain outside the ambit of God’s providential care. It captures God’s involvement in the afflictions of the world.

2) Undergo a spiritual transformation

The cross challenges our value system. Fish is alive in sea water. Though it is inside the sea water, the power inside overcomes the pressure of the water outside. When the fish dies, the water enters in and the fish bulges. Similarly we are in the world but we are not of the world. There are certain questions to be answered:

a) Do you have the same value system that the world has?

b) Do you come to church to exhibit your external beauty or wealth or social power?

c) Do you hate your wife/husband?

d) Do you have the same value system that the world has?

e) Do you look down upon others?

If it is yes, then we are the enemies of the cross.

3) Cross in the life of Jesus

Cross must not be seen as a mere accident in the life of Jesus Christ . The entire life of Christ was under the shadow of Christ. Jesus chose Calvary rather than earthly royalty. Jesus has showed us that self-offering love is the only force in the world strong enough to overcome death. Washing the feet of the disciples was exclusively reserved for the gentile slaves, a demeaning job. Slaves were considered as less human. But Jesus did it. The basin of water and the towel in Jesus’s hands echo the glory of the cross. Jesus ministry did not stop with preaching but PRAXIS. Transfigured Jesus who let Himself to be disfigured on the CROSS is the challenge of the church today.

This vision is applicable to everyone . St. Paul says “ May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.”(Gal 6:14). May the vision of cross empower us for mission .

Let us uphold the forthcoming musical evening, mission tour in prayers. The Great lent starts on Feb 11. It’s a time of reflection on the cross. Lent should lead us to transformation. Also pray for the Maramon Convention which begins on Feb 11.

Our financial year ends on March 31st. So I would exhort all the parishioners to remit their contributions to church before time.

Wishing a very happy and blessed new year.

Rev. Roby J. Mathew