Worship Service

  • 06 May 2018
    9.00 am

  • 13 May 2018 (General Body)
    9.00 am 

  • 20 May 2018 (Feast of Pentecost)
    8.00 am

    9.30 am

  • 27 May 2018 (Trinity Sunday, Sacred Music Sunday)
    8.00 am


Recently certain incidents have striked me a lot. In media I saw a learned professor taking his aged mother, forcing her to walk through the steps and pushing her from the upstairs thus resulting in the death of the mother. Yet another of a mother who was deserted by the children was taken care by some charity workers and on calling the children regarding her death didn’t even care to attend and do the last funeral rites. Recently in Attapady, the killing of Madhu has raised questions regarding the moral values of the people. He was beaten to death because of stealing food as he was hungry. That too the incident was being recorded in the mobile and being celebrated. What is important in all the above incidents are that the people involved are educated. What is education? Is education merely having an academic qualification. Education becomes meaningful if it is only related with God.

When we view the book of Proverbs, it always insists on wisdom. What is Wisdom? Let us look into Proverbs 1:20-33.

1) Wisdom’s invitation is public

It’s a public invitation. Its not secret. In the instance of Noah we see the invitation was clearly made but people didn’t believe. Today also we witness many incidents where wisdom is crying aloud. I remember a person in my parish life who was addicted to alcohol. After lots of advice to move away, he refused it. But he contracted cancer in his throat and had to suffer a lot. He was struggling to drink a glass of water. Wisdom is around you but many-a-times we don’t embrace it.

2) Wisdom’s invitation is urgent

It is stated that wisdom is crying aloud. It’s with a sense of urgency. God is calling Adam-“Where are you?”. This is the voice of a broken-hearted God. When we sin God is calling us to turn away from sin. The incident of the Great Titanic shows that the captain was given the signal of a huge iceberg amidst the route but didn’t heed to it and thus resulted in the greatest disaster.

3) Wisdom’s invitation is patient

In v22 there are three sorts of people mentioned:- simple, mockers and fools. Simple people are those who are open to everything and easily led away. Mockers are those who laugh at holy things. He ridicules the word of God. Fools are those who hate knowledge. In this new generation we view many people easily being led away, ridiculing the Word ,the very faith life and hating knowledge.

4) To attain wisdom, Repent

Repent means to change our mind. Wisdom is Jesus Christ Himself. Accpet Him as the Lord of your life. It is revealed through God’s Word. How great is Jesus’ wisdom? He was questioned by many people regarding many issues. The listeners were bewildered at his answers.

Conclusion:- Now our children are about to enter a new academic session. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”.(Prov1:7). Our Lord has shown us the way in which He grew. He was in the temple asking questions to the elders as well as responding to it. During his teenage he could have spent time in other activities but he spent time in the Father’s house. Do not be ignorant about the Word. Read the word and study it. Be regular worshippers and respect your parents, teachers and elders.

As we have traversed one more financial year, I take this opportunity to thank all the office-bearers and committee members for their sincere hard work in every activity of the parish. I also thank my brother Subin achen and his family for their whole-hearted work. Thanks to all the members who have supported, prayed and responded to the needs of the church. Lets work together again for His glory.
Do not forget the formula- Wisdom = God + Knowledge

Yours in His Service

Roby Achen